PatientView is managed by a small steering group which calls on other expertise as necessary and which reports to the Renal Association, its formal home. Priorities and developments are agreed by a Partnership Board with representation of the different specialties involved. The steering group needs active involvement from any specialties in which there is current development.  Key central Contacts are:

  • Helpdesk for unit admins – Fiona Braddon. Fiona is based at the Renal Registry in Bristol.   0117 323 8209  email is (alternative: admin(at)
  • Afzal Chaudry (Renal Association lead for PatientView),
  • Neil Turner (PatientView chair) Tel 0131 242 9167,
  • Leaflets, posters, and more info from Fiona Braddon,  details as for Helpdesk.
  • Solid State Group – web development

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